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Chart Sounds Maccabees Music Publishers has been around since 1978 producing and publishing mainly Reggae music from the UK, sometimes travelling to Jamaica to mix and record in studios there.

Music production and distribution have evolved beyond what could have been imagined. The digital age has taken over both production and distribution. Some people say that it has levelled the playing field.

Over time the catalogue has grown, while working with many of the established artists. There were times when I have recorded unknown artist and put them on the B side of a 7” or 12” vinyl in order to use it as a platform for a new artist.

I had to be very inventive, as I was learning the business. I was fortunate that I worked with some of the best musicians who were able to translate what I wanted.

There were times when I played the guitar and took the lead. We would play the song a few times until all the musicians understood the changes, or the artist would sing a guide vocal and call the change or bridge during the performance. Feel free to send your feedback and exchange views.